Using the Calculator

Using our calculator is easy! We ask for very simple information to provide our estimates. The guide below explains what you need to provide. Installers have a much more detailed estimation tool to refine estimates for your home.


Describe how your house is normally occupied. This lets us understand how well your electricity consumption lines up with when your solar panels are generating electricity. Select the option which best describes how your house is occupied during the daytime.


Select the zone closest to where your home is. This lets us estimate how sunny it is where you live and refine estimates to your location.

Annual electricity demand

Input your annual electricity consumption. This can be found on your electricity bills. If you don’t know then that’s ok.

  • An energy efficient home will use 2,500 kWh
  • An average home will use 3,300 kWh
  • A high energy user will use 4,000 kWh

Battery Capacity

If you are interested in a battery to go with your solar panels then input the capacity of that battery product. If you don’t want or have a battery then input 0. A few common batteries:

  • LG Chem – 5.9kWh
  • Tesla – 14 kWh

PV Panels

Insert the number of PV panels on your home installation. The average panel size is 380W and most homes will have between 8 and 14 panels installed.

Solar Home Calculator

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