For Professionals

  • Manage all your customers in one place

    Store thousands of customers and quotes within your own database. We don’t collect any personally identifiable information so know your customers are secure. Easy browse the energy quote history for each customer and see their solar journey.

  • Model all configurations of solar and battery storage

    With the ability to model 20 million different configurations, the calculator certainly gives you options! However, our simple interface makes it easy to find the right solar PV solution for your customer.

  • Personalise your quotes

    With the ability to model all main battery sizes, up to 10 solar arrays, energy demands which cover most UK households and behavior you can quickly and easily personalise savings estimates for your customers. Even provide your customer with a range of options so together you can make an informed decision on solar.

  • Backed by standards

    Our calculator mirrors the MCS Standards for Battery energy storage and Solar PV – which we wrote! This is guidance approved by industry and academic to provide reasonable savings estimates and to protect consumers.

  • Estimate energy and carbon savings

    With the ability to estimate energy and carbon savings, our calculator lets customers easily estimate their electricity independence and contribution to protecting against climate change.

  • Affordable and simple pricing structures

    Our pricing structure scales with your business. All we ask is for a small fee for each customer you create.

  • Produce reports for your customers

    Produce a simple to read report for your customers outlining the estimated energy savings, details of the calculations use and crucially a link to come back to our site and check the estimates. Easily give your customers confidence.

  • Standards

    We support installers who follow the UK standards, particularly the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Details of installer technical and consumer protection standards can be found here

  • Pricing

    Our pricing structure scales with your business. All we ask is for a small fee for each customer you create.

Solar Home Calculator

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