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What is the Solar Home Calculator?

Solar Home Calculator lets installers and homeowners to estimate the energy and carbon saving using solar panels and battery storage. It works for any home in the UK and provides typical savings estimates taking into account:

  • How much electricity you use
  • How many solar panels you have and what way they face
  • If you have a battery and how big that battery is
  • Where you are in the country, from Scotland to Cornwall

For Installers

Solar Home Calculator lets you quickly build savings estimates for your domestic solar customers. It lets you focus on being the expert on installation and let us provide your business with simple to use savings for your customers.

For Homeowners

Interested in buying solar for your home? Is a battery worth it? Want to know how much money or carbon you will save? Use our calculator to quickly assess solar on your home and use our quote referencing tool to check savings estimates from your installer.

For policymakers and councils

Our calculator and expertise are ideal to determine how much solar can reduce energy poverty and carbon emissions.

Solar Home Calculator

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